Iola, KS

Community Green Zone Advocacy Training

July 14, 2023, 11:00 AM - 4:30 PM *lunch provided

Iola Community Theatre
203 South Jefferson Ave.
Iola, KS 66749

What is Green Zone Training?

Community Green Zone Advocacy Training will empower Allen County and the surrounding area in their support of veterans as they transition from military life to a civilian environment. Come learn how to integrate our Civilian and Veteran populations together effectively and sustainably.

Some of the topics covered will be basic communication & interaction, questions not to ask, military culture familiarization & public-friendly terminology, best practices for forming community partnerships, Veterans returning to school, volunteering with Vets, how an employer can best utilize Veteran-prevalent skill sets, Veteran healthcare & insurance types, getting a Veteran to seek help & where to send them, and a few others.

Meet the trainers you will be learning with:

Loran Osborne- SMVF Navigator, Four County Mental Health Center, Inc.

Michael Feiveson- Kansas Department of Commerce
Michael Feiveson served in the Army from 1985-2007 as a Military Policeman and a Recruiter. Since 2008, he has continued serving Veterans of SE Kansas through the Kansas Department of Commerce as a Veterans’ Employment Representative. His current duties are in assisting Veterans with job search activities including: Resume building and polishing, Job interviewing skills, Job search activities, and any other essential job search assistance. Finally, he works with local employers and organizations all over Southeast Kansas to educate them on the benefits of hiring veterans.

SSG Farra McChesney- 1011th Quartermaster Co. Operations NCO (USAR)
SSG Farra McChesney is a noncommissioned officer, proven leader, and operations manager for a logistics, supply, and support Army Reserve unit based between Independence and Parsons, KS. With multiple combat deployments, the last in OIF 11-12, she is uniquely qualified among our group to illuminate the challenges and successes which surround the gradual inclusion of women into not only the armed forces but also into combat roles and other hazardous conditions. As a new addition to our team, she brings a welcome enthusiasm and competence to a difficult and sometimes controversial subject.

Jeremy and Dana Tompson- Team Rubicon Southeast Kansas Field & Ops
Jeremy is invested in the SEK Veteran Providers Coalition, seeking Camaraderie, Reconnection, Reinvestment and Growth. A Veteran himself, he discovered himself lost without the connective influence of the military. He now trains, operates, cares for, and deploys volunteer members known as grey shirts to disasters and projects in support of a mutual benefit to the community in which they live/work. A dynamic, authentic instructor, Jeremy brings re-engagement in the world around you and your Veterans to the table.

Jason Owens – Schenck Insurance, LLC Agent and Vet Rep
A respected member of the Veteran community in Montgomery County and elsewhere, and a native of Dearing and Coffeyville, Jason joined an incredible legacy of military family members to serve in the Army from 1994-2002. Jason coordinates with Veteran Service Officers and Providers, caseworkers, financial support, family members, and others to ensure clients are educated about their options and that their financial and legacy best interests are met.

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For questions or additional information, call Josiah D'Albini at (620) 901-6271.