Nathan Fawson-Executive Director

About Us

Thank you for choosing Southeast Kansas Mental Health Center. Established in 1961, we are a not-for-profit organization that provides, advocates and coordinates quality mental health care, services and programs in the following counties: Allen, Anderson, Bourbon, Linn, Neosho and Woodson. Our team of over 150 full-time and part-time professionals and support specialists look forward to assessing, treating, supporting, and/or coordinating your healthcare needs. Our core services include outpatient psychiatry, therapy, consultation, chemical abuse counseling, case management, educational and skill-building groups, specialty training, physical healthcare coordination, and 24/7 crisis intervention services.

We greatly value your experience with us as we commit to excellence in serving you and your family. We welcome any questions or feedback you may have regarding our services, and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

Nathan Fawson
Executive Director