Freewriting: It’s Journaling Without the Pressure

For many people, journaling is an element of self-care. It can help us work through our emotions and sort out our feelings. But, for some of us, writing is hard, and the idea of keeping a journal is stressful! Consider freewriting, instead!

Anyone can do it

It’s just jotting down anything that comes to mind during the time you set aside for writing. You can set a time limit for yourself – or plan to meet a goal of a certain length, such as two or three pages. You can write in a fancy journal or use a couple of loose sheets of paper.

It’s simple

It’s easy because all you do is write down what you’re thinking. It can be single words, phrases, or full sentences. You can doodle. You can ask questions. You can write about what a silly activity this is. It’s just about getting words down on paper – and encouraging your brain to dump out what it’s thinking.

There are a lot of benefits

Freewriting can clear your mind, help you prioritize your day, or sort out how you’re feeling. When the words are hard to say, freewriting may help you find ways to express yourself or discover more about your emotions and how you’re feeling!

The best part

Your freewriting project is just for you. You DO NOT have to show your writing to anyone. It’s for you and you alone! It’s not really about what you’ve written; it’s about how you’ve cleared your mind to think clearly about everything else.