At SEK Mental Health Center, we understand that even though mental health services are
becoming more normalized, we recognize that it can still be hard to reach out and take a step
towards getting help when it means being vulnerable.
In our mission to continue trying to offer the most effective care to our population here in
Southeast Kansas, we acknowledge that there are still many barriers that exist, keeping many
from getting the help that is often needed. To make mental health services more accessible to
all parts of our population, we have responded by extending our hours in all our offices within
our six-county service area.

Many of our therapists have begun offering extended-hour appointment times, opening at 7
am and staying open until 8 pm, and additional appointments are offered on Saturdays and
Sundays. Additionally, we are offering nontraditional services in the form of Telehealth therapy
for those who may not have access to transportation to the center or who may feel more
comfortable having therapy take place in the comfort of their own home using telehealth
through a secure video platform.

Telehealth and Extended hours can be an excellent choice for finding time for family therapy
or couples therapy to promote positive communication and build stronger and more positive
relationships within your family unit. Individual therapy can be beneficial in addressing stress
management, anxiety, depression, trauma and many other adjustments to daily living. We offer
a wide range of treatment services and work from a team modality to help provide you with all
the services that might be most helpful for the current challenges you may be dealing with.
Whatever it may be that feels like it is holding you back from mental health services, we are
ready to listen to your needs and work to meet the demands of your hectic schedules. Not
sure if therapy services are right for you? Call us at 1-866-973-2241 and let us provide you
with a more thorough understanding of how our services might be the perfect fit for you or
your loved ones.

Jeanette Rogers
Licensed Master Level Psychologist
Outpatient Therapist, Clinical Expansion Coordinator
Southeast Kansas Mental Health Center